10 Horror Films Adapted from Legends!

Horror films have their own charm and are popular with many viewers for several reasons. The first is because horror films are often able to create a tense and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. That sense of tension actually gives a deep impression that is difficult to find in other genres. Second, audiences often look for films that can make them feel a variety of emotions, including fear, anxiety, and horror. That’s why horror films are popular. Well, what’s interesting, geeks, is that there are several horror films adapted from legends. What are the films?

10When a Stranger Calls

The film When a Stranger Calls was first released in 1979. Then, there was a remake in 2006 with the same title. The original version of the film was directed by Fred Walton, while the remake was directed by Simon West. The film centers on a teenage girl named Jill Johnson, who gets a job as a babysitter.

She was looking after two small children in a house located in a remote suburb. When the married couple whose house Jill is guarding leaves, Jill begins to receive mysterious, threatening calls from a strange man.
The call made him even more afraid, and he immediately realized that the danger was not far from him. The police are called to investigate the situation, but the mysterious caller remains a threat lurking outside the window.

This film is adapted from a myth or legend which states that a teenage girl who is alone and looking after children will get a call from a strange man who tells her to check on the children. This legend appeared in the 60s and continues to terrify babysitters.


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