10 Villain Characters That Could Appear in Spider-Man 4!

Marvel Studios plans to present the film Spider-Man 4 and here are the various villain characters that could appear in the film. At this time, there is still no certainty whether Marvel Studios will present the film Spider-Man 4. However, from various indications there is a high possibility that this film will be made as a form of new collaboration between Disney and Sony. With the plans for the Spider-Man 4 film, there are several villain characters who are considered suitable to appear in the film later. Anyone?


The first villain character who can appear in Spider-Man 4 is Morlun. With Sony having presented the Spider-Verse film series, and how the MCU has begun to explain more about the various realities or universes that exist, this means that there are many possibilities that can be presented for the next Spider-Man film. One of them presents the villain character Morlun.

In the comic story, Morlun is the mortal enemy not only of Spider-Man but of all Spider-People. The vampire deliberately targets all Spider-Totems aka Spider-People who come from various existing realities. He deliberately did this in order to suck their strength and then end the lives of the Spider-People.

With all the possibilities, including the introduction of the multiverse, Marvel Studios could present the biggest threat that Peter Parker has ever faced in his life. And this could also be a moment to introduce other characters, for example Miles Morales, whose live-action film is reportedly being prepared.

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