Star Wars: Andor Season 2 Cancel Release in 2024!

Disney and Lucasfilm appear to be delaying the release of Andor Season 2. Star Wars has been one of the main content items on Disney+ since the streaming service's launch in 2019, with The Mandalorian Season 1 released on Disney+ launch day. And now, Lucasfilm has officially announced the release schedule for various Star Wars … Read more

Writer Reveals the Origin of Kakhori's Character in What If Season 2!

The origins of Kakhori's character were finally revealed by the writer of the What If series. What If Season 2 is one of the most awaited MCU series. In Season 2, we will be introduced to various new characters. But of course the old characters will also return. Some of these characters will be voiced … Read more

Warner Bros. and Paramount Potentially Merger!

Two large film studios, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Discovery, reportedly have the potential to merge or combine the two studios. The latest report states that Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly in talks to merge with another major film studio, Paramount Pictures. This news was first announced by Axios, where according to their sources the … Read more

The Strongest Anti-Heroes in the MCU!

Anti-heroes are different from superheroes. They have traits and behavior that do not always fit the image of a hero or protagonist. If conventional heroes are generally known for always doing good deeds, being brave, and always appearing heroic, anti-heroes tend to have more complex and often controversial traits. He doesn't always save people in … Read more

10 Action Films Released in 2024!

Among all film genres, action seems to be the most popular genre. In action films, we are invited to watch epic action sequences, which stimulate the audience's adrenaline. And usually in an action film, we are presented with fight scenes or massive explosions. That's why this genre is still a favorite of many people. So, … Read more

10 Worst MCU Jokes!

Even though Marvel Studios often presents various jokes or gags in various films in the MCU, some of their jokes are considered the worst. One of the things that makes superhero films in the MCU popular is their jokes or jokes that make the situation in the story light. On the other hand, these jokes … Read more

This is the Thunderbolt Film Production Schedule!

The latest Marvel Studios film, Thunderbolt, is preparing to start production early next year so that the film can then be released in 2025. In a recent interview, Wyatt Russell, who also stars in the film, said that production on the film Thunderbolt is expected to start in March or April. Russell expressed his enthusiasm … Read more