8 Most Brutal Deaths in Anime!

In various fictional stories such as anime, death is something that is commonplace, but some of them fall into the most brutal category. Geeks who usually watch anime series are certainly familiar with various epic scenes such as the death of one of the characters. However, some of the character’s deaths were truly tragic and … Read more

10 Movie Sequels that Failed Completely!

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10 Film Sequels That Change Genres!

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Tom Holland Gives the Latest News on Spider-Man 4!

MCU star who plays Peter Parker, Tom Holland, has finally given the latest news regarding the status of the upcoming Spider-Man 4 film project. At the beginning of 2023, reports emerged stating that Marvel Studios was planning to present a continuation of the Spider-Man film. However, large-scale demonstrations by writers and actors ultimately stopped the … Read more

Mad Max: Furiosa Releases Trailer, Presents Epic Action!

Anya Taylor-Joy really looks amazing as Imperator Furiosa in the very epic first trailer for Mad Max: Furiosa. To start promoting the film, which is scheduled for release on May 24, 2024, Warner Bros. finally officially released the first trailer. Furiosa itself will still have a post-apocalyptic time setting which will focus on the past … Read more

How Iron Man Returns to the MCU!

Some time ago news emerged that Tony Stark aka Iron Man would return to the MCU. Variety reports that there has been talk of bringing back the old Avengers cast. It will include Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man character. and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. Even though both of them were said to have died and … Read more