Not Vegapunk, Saturn is the Smartest Character in One Piece!

As we know, Vegapunk is the smartest scientist in the world of One Piece. Since he was first introduced, fans have been very curious about his figure. This is because Oda Sensei only mentions Vegapunk in his story without showing what he looks like and what his powers are. Fans are also curious about why he can be called the most genius scientist in the world.

After decades of waiting, in the Egghead arc, Oda finally reveals Vegapunk's true identity. In yesterday's chapter 1066, we finally saw his true figure and also his connection to Dragon and other things. In chapter 1067, the reason why Vegapunk is an intelligent figure is also revealed. This is because Vegapunk consumed Nomi Nomi's devil fruit.

Nomi Nomi no Mi doesn't actually have any attack effects or anything. However, this devil fruit allows the user to have unlimited storage capacity in their brain. This is the reason why Vegapunk is very intelligent. This is also the reason why Vegapunk was able to create various things, starting from Pacifista, Seraphim, sea stone technology, and so on.

Vegapunk stores all the information he knows and has read and then makes it happen through the various inventions he creates. However, with Vegapunk being able to store or remember a lot of history or information, this actually makes the World Government feel threatened. The real proof is that Vegapunk is now their target by sending CP0 to Egghead Island.

Vegapunk is considered to know too much important information from the World Government, including secret information about the Void Century. And what happened in the Egghead arc made Vegapunk then have to deal with Gorosei Saturn like now. And what's interesting is that there is a theory that Gorosei Saturn is the most intelligent character in the world of One Piece and not Vegapunk.

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