One Piece: Bonney Kills Kuma!

How Kuma lost his memory has become one of the big questions that arises among One Piece fans. For years, fans have been curious about what really happened to Kuma. In the Egghead Island arc, Eiichiro Oda finally begins to present important information about Kuma’s figure. For example, about Kuma who is Bonney’s father.

Later, it was also discovered that Kuma had a bad reputation in the eyes of the people, although it turned out that he did this on purpose to protect the residents of the Sorbet Kingdom and slander from the previous king. What has attracted quite a lot of attention is that it is known that Kuma apparently has tremendous powers from the devil fruit he has, namely Nikyu Nikyu.

In the flashback in chapter 1072, a flashback story between Vegapunk and Kuma is revealed. In the flashback story, it is discovered that Kuma has other powerful powers to be able to change memories, reminders and other intangible things into something tangible. Vegapunk then asked Kuma to make his memories present in something tangible.

Even though he initially refused, in the end he wanted to do it. Vegapunk then stored Kuma’s memories in a special place called “Nikyu Room” until Bonney found that place. Inside he saw that there was a memory balloon stored. Bonney then touches him and he is sucked into the world of Kuma’s memories.

The previous chapter then discussed the reasons why Kuma decided to keep his memories. This is because he has made an agreement with Gorosei Saturn. The Gorosei overheard the agreement between Kuma and Vegapunk, which made Gorosei Saturn force Kuma to follow the agreement he made. Because, Bonney’s life is at stake.

However, information about Kuma’s memory balloon was only really discussed in chapter 1102. In that chapter it was discovered that Kuma ultimately could not cancel the agreement, even though Vegapunk had also tried to negotiate this with Gorosei Saturn. He asked Vegapunk to completely erase Kuma’s memory and memory.

What’s interesting then is that Kuma gave a copy of the contents of these memories. The goal is so that Kuma doesn’t completely lose all his memories. Vegapunk then transferred a copy of Kuma’s memories to a memory balloon which was stored in a room called “Nikyu Room.” In that chapter it is also explained that no one is allowed to touch the memory balloon.

If anyone then touches the memory balloon which is a copy of Kuma’s memories, then all his memories will completely disappear. This is what then makes Vegapunk never touch it and only carry out research or observations from the outside. However, an unexpected situation may have occurred again and this time it is much worse than before.

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