One Piece: Is This Biblical Inspiration From Kuma?

In the One Piece story, Bartholomew Kuma is seen always carrying a bible and this may be the inspiration for this. Kuma is currently an important character in the One Piece storyline. In particular, Kuma is an important character in the current Egghead storyline. One thing that makes many fans curious is why Kuma always carries a bible. And this may also be the inspiration for Kuma's Bible.

2Why Kuma Carries a Bible

The answer to this big question is finally answered in this Egghead arc. It turns out that the biggest reason why Kuma always carries a bible has to do with his daughter, Jewelry Bonney, and also his dream of visiting many places in the world of One Piece. Bonney was previously shown reading a lot of books, as he couldn't go out into direct light.

Bonney then learned about many interesting places from various books he read, including about Skypiea and Fishman Island. Bonney even mentioned that Skypiea is very close to the sun so there is a possibility they could meet Nika. Kuma also admitted that it sounded like a big adventure that Bonney might be able to do when he was 19 or 20 years old.

This is what later became the contents of the Bible that Kuma always carried wherever he was. Kuma never forgot Bonney's dreams, which he kept well in the book. This book is a form of proof of his sacrifice for his child. This may also be the reason why Kuma then asked everyone where they wanted to go.

This is a question that Kuma often asks Bonney when discussing the book. So, basically, Kuma can send people wherever they want and ask them where they want to go and always bring books related to his daughter, which is a very beautiful touch that Oda brings to Kuma's character.

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