Zack Snyder Wants to Make a Young James Bond Film!

Director Zack Snyder is reportedly interested in making a prequel film about the young James Bond for his next film project. Director Zack Snyder is reportedly interested in working on a James Bond film. However, the James Bond film that Snyder wants to make is different from the others. Zack Snyder is reportedly interested in … Read more

This is the Thunderbolt Film Production Schedule!

The latest Marvel Studios film, Thunderbolt, is preparing to start production early next year so that the film can then be released in 2025. In a recent interview, Wyatt Russell, who also stars in the film, said that production on the film Thunderbolt is expected to start in March or April. Russell expressed his enthusiasm … Read more

Marvel Changes Deadpool 3 Film Title!

Marvel Studios seems to be making changes ahead of the release of Deadpool 3 in 2024. Reported, Disney officially changed the title of Deadpool 3 for distribution purposes for the film. Disney then only listed the title as “Untitled Deadpool Movie”, no longer Deadpool 3 as we usually call it. This title change is … Read more

7 Best Film Trilogies of All Time!

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy consists of three films, namely Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). And interestingly, all of these films were able to receive positive reviews and were huge successes at the box office. Nolan directed all three films, while the scripts were written by Jonathan Nolan … Read more

5 Greatest Versions of Godzilla in Film!

Who doesn't know Godzilla? Kaiju, which originates from Japan, is already very famous, even throughout the world. Godzilla is indeed depicted as a hero for the inhabitants of Earth, but sometimes he is also depicted as a dangerous figure faced by humans. Its body was huge, and when it moved, it would destroy everything around … Read more

10 Sequels that are Better than the First Film!

A sequel is a film that is a continuation of a previous film. In general, sequels are produced to continue the story presented in the first film or to explore characters and worlds that were introduced previously. Usually sequels still feature the same cast and characters. What's interesting, geeks, is that we often come across … Read more

10 Film Sequels That Change Genres!

In the world of cinema, the decision to change genres in the sequel to a film can be a bold move that shows the flexibility and creativity of filmmakers. This genre-changing sequel not only provides a new experience for the audience, but also challenges existing expectations and conventions. The following are ten film sequels that … Read more