10 Alien Films You Must Watch!

Films about aliens are indeed very interesting for us to watch. Creatures from outside the earth are usually said to have invaded Earth to exploit its resources. But there are also other scenarios being prepared about alien films. And usually, they will hunt humans and spread terror on Earth. There are lots of alien films … Read more

10 Horror Films Adapted from Legends!

Horror films have their own charm and are popular with many viewers for several reasons. The first is because horror films are often able to create a tense and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. That sense of tension actually gives a deep impression that is difficult to find in other genres. Second, audiences often look for films that … Read more

10 Action Films Released in 2024!

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6 Hollywood Films in the Isekai Genre!

Isekai is a genre that tells the story of a main character who (usually) comes from the real world, but is then transferred or thrown into a different parallel world or fantasy world. The term originates from Japanese, where “isekai” (異世界) can literally be translated as “different world.” It turns out, geeks, the isekai genre … Read more

8 Novels Most Adapted into Films!

It is no longer strange for the Hollywood film industry to adapt novel stories, but many of these novel titles have been adapted into films. Making adaptations, especially from novels, is a practice that Hollywood has been doing for decades. They usually adapt stories from popular novels or from novels that have previously been adapted. … Read more

10 Worst Sequel Films of All Time!

Sequel is a term used to refer to a film that is a continuation of the previous film. Sequel films can tell the story of the same characters, but with continued story development. The main goal of a sequel film is to expand the previously established world of the film, giving audiences the opportunity to … Read more

Inviting Controversy, These 8 Films Are Boycotted by Audiences!

It is known that several films have attracted great controversy among fans, which has resulted in the film being boycotted by the audience. Since the beginning of Hollywood and film, boycotts have been something that has happened frequently. Usually, boycotts are carried out as a form of protest because some groups do not agree with … Read more

7 Films That Were Canceled Due to Ridiculous Reasons!

Making a film is not an easy matter. It takes a long time, and a long process to complete it, starting from completing pre-production, production, and post-production. It usually takes between 1-2 years to complete a film. And all the people involved in making the film must also work well together, because if not, the … Read more

10 Anti-Hero Films You Must Watch!

An anti-hero is a character who has traits or often acts that do not fit the image of a hero in general. Even though an anti-hero may have good intentions, an anti-hero often shows characteristics that are contrary to the heroic traits usually found in the main character in the story. Additionally, anti-heroes often have … Read more