One Piece: Is This Biblical Inspiration From Kuma?

In the One Piece story, Bartholomew Kuma is seen always carrying a bible and this may be the inspiration for this. Kuma is currently an important character in the One Piece storyline. In particular, Kuma is an important character in the current Egghead storyline. One thing that makes many fans curious is why Kuma always … Read more

One Piece: Bonney Kills Kuma!

How Kuma lost his memory has become one of the big questions that arises among One Piece fans. For years, fans have been curious about what really happened to Kuma. In the Egghead Island arc, Eiichiro Oda finally begins to present important information about Kuma’s figure. For example, about Kuma who is Bonney’s father. Later, … Read more

One Piece: Losing to Blackbeard, Law Gives Immortality to Luffy?

Trafalgar Law has become one of Luffy's allies who has contributed a lot when they faced difficulties. One example is that Law saved Luffy's life during the peak war at Marineford. If Law hadn't come at that time, Luffy might have died. Luffy then “repaid” Law's kindness by defeating Doflamingo. After the Punk Hazard and … Read more

One Piece: This is Luffy's New Move to Defeat Gorosei!

Luffy's new move will likely be a way to defeat Gorosei Saturn in the currently ongoing Egghead arc. The appearance of Gorosei Saturn in Egghead provides a new threat to the Straw Hats. Many fans believe that Luffy will be Gorosei Saturn's opponent and he will use new moves to defeat Gorosei Saturn. 3Gorosei Saturn … Read more