10 Villain Characters That Could Appear in Spider-Man 4!

Marvel Studios plans to present the film Spider-Man 4 and here are the various villain characters that could appear in the film. At this time, there is still no certainty whether Marvel Studios will present the film Spider-Man 4. However, from various indications there is a high possibility that this film will be made as … Read more

Insomniac Starts Working on Spider-Man 3!

After the success of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Sony and Insomniac immediately stepped on the gas to make Spider-Man 3. Sony confirmed that Insomniac Games experienced a ransomware attack. The attack resulted in the leak of confidential information. The attack revealed secret information about new projects the game developer was working on, and leaked documents suggested … Read more

Tom Holland Gives the Latest News on Spider-Man 4!

MCU star who plays Peter Parker, Tom Holland, has finally given the latest news regarding the status of the upcoming Spider-Man 4 film project. At the beginning of 2023, reports emerged stating that Marvel Studios was planning to present a continuation of the Spider-Man film. However, large-scale demonstrations by writers and actors ultimately stopped the … Read more