10 Alien Films You Must Watch!

Films about aliens are indeed very interesting for us to watch. Creatures from outside the earth are usually said to have invaded Earth to exploit its resources. But there are also other scenarios being prepared about alien films. And usually, they will hunt humans and spread terror on Earth. There are lots of alien films … Read more

10 Anti-Hero Films You Must Watch!

An anti-hero is a character who has traits or often acts that do not fit the image of a hero in general. Even though an anti-hero may have good intentions, an anti-hero often shows characteristics that are contrary to the heroic traits usually found in the main character in the story. Additionally, anti-heroes often have … Read more

Important Ideas for Rising Your YouTube Watch Time

2 Within the huge universe of YouTube, watch time reigns supreme. As a content material creator, understanding the importance of this metric is pivotal for channel development and monetization. This text serves as your information to navigating the intricacies of YouTube watch time, providing important tricks to enhance this vital metric and propel your channel … Read more